Where to purchase copper for plant protection?
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Where to purchase copper for plant protection?

20 Jun 2022

In the world of pomiculture, viticulture and organic production, copper is a key ingredient. Copper(II) sulfate, also known as copper sulfate, prepared in a special recipe is what ensures your plants to grow without obstruction. It’s important to note that copper can be used in many ways, even preventively.

Copper as copper sulfate

The copper-based products in the form of Copper(II) sulfate, copper chloride and copper hydroxide have a beneficial effect on various conditions that affects apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, apricot, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and vine plants.

The most famous copper-based product is copper sulfate. This is an inorganic compound of Copper(II) sulfate which is the most important copper salt. It is the most widely used products because it prevents the fungal spore growth in such a way that the fungi are unable to develop a resistance to it.

The spring treatment

Every new year, as soon as the weather allows in the early spring, preventive treatment of fruits and plants is done to protect them from leaf and fruit conditions and insects. Copper is ideal for these situations because it can be combined with fruit cutting. Fruit trees and plants can be treated before or after cutting.

It’s important to use the copper before the buds form, otherwise it will burn them away.

You can create the mixture your self or buy it ready-made. If you make it yourself, it’s important to properly estimate the amount of copper per kilogram. This way you can get a higher quality product than store bought because you can obtain extremely high-quality copper for your needs.

Autumn treatment

Fruits treated in the fall gives the best harvest yield. When the leaves begin to fall and over half of it has fallen off and the weather is suitable at over 5⁰C temperatures, the copper product treatment is recommended.

Copper is very important for preparing your plants for the winter. It’s recommended to treat the plants thoroughly, using the combination of paraffin oil and copper. The importance of copper in this treatment lies in its anti-fungal property, protecting the plants from fungal conditions. This treatment mixture can be prepared at home, as long as you have high-quality copper.

Where to purchase copper for plant treatment?

One of the most important aspects of preparing quality products to treat your plants is high quality copper. This is why the company Jugo-Impex offers the highest quality copper. Our company has over 30 years of work experience and is licensed to produce the highest quality copper, which in turn can be used to prepare the highest quality treatment mixture for your plants. The company processes raw copper to create the expanded copper granules that are used to make copper sulfate to protect your plants.