The best recycling company
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The best recycling company

10 Jul 2022

Recycling both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste is a global trend that is slowly but surely coming to Serbia and the surrounding region. There is a growing awareness that we need to protect our natural environment, which drives companies to perform their activities in a more environmentally-conscious way that is safer for our environment. But this imposes the question – which recycling company is the best?

A good recycling company must satisfy these conditions

In modern times, it’s possible to recycle almost any kind of material: glass, plastics, carton packaging, textile, raw materials. There are many companies that process and collect secondary raw materials, but to say that any one of them is the best, they have to satisfy certain conditions.

The best recycling company, as a basic rule, should possess the ability to perform the entire recycling process within their facilities. This includes the collection, transportation, storage and processing of waste – which they should be able to do independently.

Of course, all of this should also be done in an environmentally-friendly and safe way.
In our country, not just anyone can work in recycling on a corporate level. In order for a company to perform this activity, in addition to the technological requirements, it has to be licensed and approved by the competent Ministry.

Which recycling company should I choose?

The company Jugo-Impex has been in business for over 30 years. We base our activities on secondary raw materials, their collection, recycling and processing. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and technologies, we have become a recycling giant who can absolutely be considered the market leader and the best choice for your recycling company partner, whether you have hazardous or non-hazardous waste to deal with.

The company Jugo-Impex has all the necessary permits to perform their recycling activities and within our production plant we have organizational units that handle the collection, processing and storing of waste in full compliance with the highest standards.

Our company even provides waste transfer services, also in full compliance with the law.

The recycling process takes place with no obstruction or errors. Through the recycling process, our facilities turn secondary raw materials into new and usable materials, thus giving new life to discarded secondary raw materials and protecting the environment for all our benefit.

Through the copper repurposing process which is the central activity of our company, we produce three new products ready to be reused. These products are the expanded copper granules, copper ingots and copper granules or pellets.

The generations to come in the future can thank for their clean and healthy environment to our best recycling companies, and Jugo-Impex is definitely one of them.