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Top-quality products are obtained during the procedure of secondary copper casting in the foundry. Our products are widely applied in chemical industry and flash smelting plants.

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    Quality control

    Quality control ensures top quality and safety of recycling and casting procedures.

    State-of-the-art spectrometer for metal analysis is used with the aim of achieving high quality.

    We use Optical Emission Spectrometer ARL 3460 in our laboratory, while XRF Metal Analyzer is used for field work.

    Technological procedure for treating all types of copper secondary raw materials which are prepared in recycling center as copper obtained from treating cable waste or from copper collection sources.

    After treating copper and copper alloys, the foundry produces the following products:

    • Copper block – used by flash smelters which treat copper ore, and by other clients
    • Expanded copper granulate – used in chemical industry, primarily for obtaining copper sulfate, i.e. bluestone
    • Copper buckshot – used in chemical industry for obtaining various copper-based chemical preparations
    • Copper alloy