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Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling Center

We use state-of-the-art methodologies to recycle collected waste and transform it into raw materials which can be reused.

Cable recycling

Jugo-Impex has applied its business philosophy to define a complex technological procedure for treating all types of cables in compliance with the following algorithm:


  • Cable selection- classification
  • Cable shredding
  • Cable stripping

Cable stripping procedure implies stripping the cable insulation at specialized wire stripping machine. Jugo-Impex owns state-of-the-art wire stripping machines.


  • Gravity separation method

Jugo-Impex has full technological capacity for performing gravity separation and producing top quality copper granulate and plastic granulate.


By applying this cable recycling method and using extensive professional knowledge, Jugo-Impex has successfully completed all types of cable treatment.

Recycling non-ferrous metals

The procedure primarily includes classification of material by type of metal, after which the material is mechanically treated to the dimensions which are defined by internal standards or requirements of secondary material buyers. Aside from recycling all types of non-hazardous waste, Jugo-Impex has developed a full-cycle procedure of recycling non-ferrous metals, primarily copper and copper alloys, in line with the following technical-technological procedure:

  • Quantitative acceptance
  • Selektovanje – klasiranje : otpadnog bakra po kvalitetu se obavlja svremenim spektrometrom cime se definisu klase u zavisnosti od procenta bakra. Klase bakarnog otpada su : I, II, III or IV class
  • Baling of waste cooper by copper class with the aim of treating copper in the foundry
  • Transportation and storage at specialized storage area

Sector for Non-Metallic Raw Materials

Sector for Non-Metallic Raw Materials is focused on collection and disposal of waste plastics from industrial production. We treat the following types of plastics: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PS (polystyrene), PA (polyamide), PET (polyamide terephthalate), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PC (polycarbonate).

The largest percentage of disposed plastics derives from automotive industry and industry which produces electronic equipment. Bearing in mind that the disposed plastics is post-industrial waste from primary selection, we are dealing with very pure raw material which can be used for plastic recycling.


At the moment, our company is collecting and classifying plastics in accordance with type of plastics, after which the plastics is distributed to the recycling industries all over Serbia and abroad.

Our plan for the future is to implement specific types of treatment and prepare the material for further use in the recycling industry. It is important to emphasize that we separate metal parts from plastics and use special machines that shred cables and separate plastic covers from metal covers in cables.

The above procedure is used for obtaining granulated plastics that can be used for recycling industry production and specific metals which are relevant for our production process. Additionally, we provide testing and reporting for non-recyclable types of plastics at laboratories and institutes authorized by the Republic of Serbia and send non-recyclable plastics to disposal or incineration.

Moreover, Sector for Non-Metallic Raw Materials collects and disposes wooden packaging, plastic packaging films and PET packaging from primary selection generated by specific industries.

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