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Sector for Hazardous Waste Management

Jugo-Impex has established a Sector for Hazardous Waste Management which focuses on treatment, transportation and storage of waste material.

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    Quality control

    Ultrasonic bath with solution is one of the crucial factors for successful performance of the entire procedure. The quality of the solution is tested after each decontamination cycle. If necessary, the solution is purified and working parameters are readjusted.

    Methods for degreasing bath quality control:

    1. Measuring pH
    2. Measuring solution conductivity
    3. Visual characterization of solution: color, turbidity, foaminess, odor
    4. Testing at authorized institute

    Material obtained after the treatment is tested once more for composition and admixture content, which additionally provides the possibilities for material application and use in future recycling procedures.

    Methods for material characterization:

    1. Defining the type of material: X-ray analyzer, NITON
    2. Determining the type of plastics, textile: infrared analyzer, near-infrared region, Phazir
    3. Testing at authorized institute

    Professional team of JUGO-IMPEX constantly monitors the quality of treatment process in our laboratory. Process monitoring stages imply continuous control of decontamination of equipment, parts and metal surfaces which are subjected to treatment.

    Methods for monitoring surface cleanliness:

    1. “Tape” test
    2. n-Hexane test
    3. Testing at authorized institute