What are plastic granules and what are they used for?
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What are plastic granules and what are they used for?

18 Jul 2022

Nowadays, plastics can be found everywhere. It is used to produce many things, ranging from packaging for various products, dishes to machinery components. This is why plastic granules play an important role in satisfying the needs of the plastic production industry.

What is granulated plastic?

Plastic granules are the usual form of delivering thermoplastic materials used in the plastic processing industry. They are a loose material used in the plastic processing industry. Like sand or gravel, they are considered a loose material which greatly facilitates their transportation.

Plastic granules are obtained by recycling plastic waste materials which are collected from different sources and then sorted according to their class, color and quality. Through further processing, these plastic waste materials are cleaned and washed with water prior to being processed further, as well as pulverized in grinding machines. This way, the obtained materials are then placed inside an extruder where they are melted to obtain lumps of granules. In the next step, these lumps go through a grinding machine in order to finally obtain the granules which are then packaged into sacks and can be further used in various ways.

What are plastic granules used for?

Plastic granules obtained through recycling can be further used to produce packaging wrapping, carrying sacks, buckets, cups, plastic profiles etc.

The main reason that plastic is still used is because it has many legitimate uses. We already know that it is durable and can be easily shaped depending on its intended use. It’s these qualities that make plastic still very useful and applicable in any industry.

Plastic granules have found their use in the car industry, microchip production industry, fashion industry and many others.

Plastic use is also essential in medicine. For examples for the plastic vials used when taking blood or urine samples, or the protective gloves which are also made out of plastic. It is also very important in all kinds of research, seeing how plastic containers prevent the spread of infection and contamination and there are very few available materials that are as effective and available for this purpose as plastic.

Recycling and sale in one place

The company Jugo-Impex among other activities is also involved in cable recycling. One of the products that come from cable recycling is ground soft PVC which can be used in the production of regulates or directly in the production of various plastic products.