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Expanded copper granules

If you require expanded copper granules, the company Jugo-Impex is the right place for you. Our offer features copper granules with 99.99% purity, making them the ideal raw material for the production of copper sulfate pesticide which is an organic method of protecting plants.

The production and sale of copper granules for various uses

Expanded copper granules for use in the chemical industry are produced in our foundry through a special processing method which involves melting down copper inside induction furnaces.

This way we actively work on providing copper raw materials you need while also helping save our natural environment.

Copper used in the production of copper sulfate

Expanded copper granules are an excellent raw material for the production of copper sulfate which is used to protect plants from spore germination and also has a broad spectrum of effect on various fungi and bacteria. Thanks to its properties, copper sulfate is immensely important in disease prevention in vines.

Copper granules are a product that allows for a swifter and cheaper copper sulfate production process.

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Copper granule specifications

Specific weight: 1-1,5kg/dm3

Chemical composition of copper granules

Copper [Cu] – 99,99%

Arsenic [As] – 0,005 ppm

Cadmium [Cd] – 0,005 ppm