How to use copper granules?
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How to use copper granules?

05 Jul 2022

Copper granules are made by recycling copper from various kinds of waste that contain it. This process takes place by melting waste copper in a foundry, resulting in highest-purity copper.

Copper granules obtained in this process feature, in addition to their high degree of purity due to the melting and impurity separation process, immediate usability for further production treatments.

Copper granules have many uses in various production processes. They can be used to produce salts, oxides, pigments, alloys, for metal evaporation, metal surface processing, bronze welding and more.

Copper granules in surface treating

Copper granules have a use in surface treatment for various materials. For example, copper granules are used to remove irregularities, limescale, surface imperfections on hard materials and helps internally release tension that occurs in certain machinery components. Copper granules are also irreplaceable in polishing, matting and rust prevention. In addition, copper granules have a role in creating precision casting for computer and transistor electronic components, tools, machinery production, car parts productions, instrument and measuring instrument production, pump production and valve industry.

Copper granules in electrical devices industry

Copper granules have a very important role in the industry of electrical devices and watches because it’s used to create the PVD spread that protects against wear and increases the durability of devices. Copper granules are also used to produce wires, cables and fine components in electrical devices.

In addition to these uses, it is also used to produce all kinds of alloys such as brass, bronze, copper and others. It is used to melt high purity metal alloys, prepare high purity metal compounds and crystal preparation.

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The company Jugo Impex produces copper granules through a production process that was specially designed to protect the environment and return used copper into the production cycle.

The company Jugo-Impex specializes in the production and sales of high-purity copper granules of up to 99.99%. These highest-quality copper granules are suitable for use in the chemical industry to obtain different copper-based products and it also has other commercial uses.