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Granulated plastic

Do you need granulated plastic, i.e. polyvinylchloride? At Jugo-Impex you can find soft PVC granules of the highest quality, which you can immediately use for all your needs.

Our offer includes granulated plastic obtained through a cable recycling process which is suitable for the production of cable plating, shoe soles, hoses, floor coverings and other uses.

How is granulated plastic made?

Jugo-Impex produces granulated plastic through a recycling process. This way we reduce the amount of waste polluting our environment as well as restore the used plastic into the production processes.

It all starts by collecting waste plastic materials from various sources and their classification depending on their qualities and other properties. Usually, the plastic is separated from the cables from which we also extract copper and PVC using a special separation machine.

The possible uses for the granulated plastic obtained through recycling are the same as any plastic raw materials. The granulated plastic produced by the Jugo-Impex company offers the same qualities and properties as newly bought granulated plastic, so they can reduce costs significantly while performing exactly the same in further production processes.

Regardless of the purpose you need granulated plastic for or the amount, you should contact us and we will place all our knowledge and skill at your disposal.

Granulated plastic: Technical specifications

The PVC granules we produce have the following features:

  • Very high isolation capabilities.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Very low absorption and water permeability.
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions.

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