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Copper granules – pellets

The company Jugo-Impex specializes in the production and sales of high-purity copper pellets (up to 99.99%). These top-quality copper pellets have many uses in the chemical industry, in the production of various copper-based products as well as other commercial uses.

How do we produce the copper granules?

The copper granules and pellets are obtained through the process of recycling or melting down waste copper in our foundries, which means that we actively help preserve our natural environment by returning the waste copper into the production cycle.

Copper granules obtained this way have the advantage, in addition to high-degree of purity which is achieved thanks to the efficient extraction of any plastic and other waste materials from the copper materials, of being immediately use-ready for further production processes.

In other words, the Jugo-Impex copper granules are a reliable product that can be directly and immediately used in the production of salts, oxides, pigments and alloys.

The copper granules are ready-made for all your needs

Regardless of what use you might need them for, our copper granules are there to help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is contact us and we will do everything in our power to answer all your needs pertaining to copper granules. Our team of experts is always there to ensure that you are satisfied with our service and the quality of our products.

Technical properties of copper granules

Specific weight 4kg/dm3
Size: 1mm-4mm
Shape: spherical

The chemical composition of copper granules

Copper [Cu] – 99,99%

Arsenic [As] – 0,005 ppm

Cadmium [Cd] – 0,005 ppm

Lead [Pb] – 0,01%