Where to find a recycling center?
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Where to find a recycling center?

25 Jul 2022

Recycling is one of the biggest ways in which anyone can actively participate in the preservation of our natural environment. This process takes place in recycling centers and the waste itself can be collected in various ways, either by individuals of organizations of any kind. However, a commonly asked question is “Where to find a recycling center and how to deliver your waste to them?”. In this article you can find out how exactly this process goes and become a part of the eco-friendly community if you aren’t already.

Special waste-sorting rubbish containers

If you live in an urban environment, you may have seen public rubbish bins in the streets which are specially labeled to receive a certain category of waste. These rubbish bins and dumpsters have separate sections for paper and cardboard, glass and plastics.

If there isn’t such a disposal unit near your home, you may file a request with your competent authorities responsible for managing communal waste to distribute the special waste-separation rubbish bins and dumpsters in your part of the city. This type of. waste, which is suitable for further processing, is regularly collected by the responsible services and it then ends up at the recycling center where it is processed further.

Waste collecting

In our market there are also private companies that deal with waste collection and then forward it to recycling centers.

You can form an individual contract with these companies pertaining to waste collecting services. The company will instruct you in the best and easiest way to sort and prepare your waste for collection depending on the agreed upon cooperation dynamics.

These waste collecting companies then forward the collected waste to a recycling center for further processing.


In cities across Serbia, several types of recyclomats (recycling stations) have been set up and they are extremely convenient to use and collect recycling materials on a daily basis. They have been installed in high-traffic locations and are always on your way when you have a small amount of waste to deposit in the appropriate recyclomat.

The recyclomats are then emtpied and the collected materials are forwarded to recycling centers.

Where to find a recycling center

If you have decided to take your waste directly to a recycling center, this is also possible. There are recycling centers available nearby no matter where you live in Serbia.

One of the first pieces of advice you will get is to inquire at your local community center whether there is a recycling center that your municipality works with locally and how you can deliver your waste to those recycling centers.

You can also find useful information about recycling centers on one of many websites that focus on ecology topics but also social networks because most recycling profiles have some kind of presence on social networking platforms. This way you may directly inquire about the details you wish to know and you should also be aware that Jugo-Impex is always here for you as the safe option.