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Copper blocks – ingots

Are you wondering where you can buy copper blocks or copper ingots? Jugo-Impex is the place to find high-purity cast copper ingots (99.99% copper) intended for smelters and the refinement of coppers. We produce copper ingots through a waste copper recycling process, then form them into ingots, which is the most convenient shape for further processing in foundries and smelters.

How are copper ingots made?

The copper ingots are produced in our foundry by melting copper in induction furnaces. After the melting and purifying process, the treated copper is poured into molds. This way, we obtain ingots in suitable shapes which is ideal for further processing in smelters.

Technical properties

Weight: 750-1150kg
Height: 220-330mm
Length: 1200mm
Width: 600mm

Chemical composition of copper blocks

Copper [Cu] – 99,99%

Arsenic [As] – 0,005 ppm

Cadmium [Cd] – 0,005 ppm

Traces of: Zn, Sn, Ni, Fe