Products and services

Storage and final disposal

Waste storage is a temporary stage that waste undergoes before the final disposal. Waste must be stored in a safe way in order to preserve waste characteristics. Storage is organized in specially designed area where waste is classified in accordance with its characteristics and manner of final disposal. The storage area is designed in compliance with the valid regulations. Area for storing liquid waste is secured and equipped with special bunded storage tanks which prevent pollution of the environment and working area in case of emergency or accident.

Jugo-Impex has exceptional business cooperation with numerous European companies which focus on recycling and recovery of useful waste components. In this way, the company makes a positive impact on the environment and reduces the costs borne by waste generators. For the list of waste that Jugo-Impex has the permit to store and/or treat in accordance with the relevant resolutions, please visit: Jugo-Impex Permits.

Customs warehousing

Jugo-Impex provides its associates with a specialized service, i.e. temporary storage of waste at private customs warehouse where waste is stored before the final export. The company offers its storage area capacity to the clients who perform their business activities in free-trade zone and generate waste that is exported to treatment plants throughout Europe.