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The Republic of Serbia generates a significant amount of hazardous waste with increased content of hydrocarbon. The presence of residual mineral fats and oils which is over 20 000 mg/kg dm (dry matter) classifies these materials as hazardous waste. Assuming that only 2% of oil remains in the interior of the transformer after it has been cleaned, there will be 2kg of residual oil at each 100 kg of the matter. If the oil is treated improperly, it can contaminate the environment and potentially pollute 2.000.000 L of water.

Using extensive knowledge and experience, the experts of Jugo-Impex have developed a specific method for treating this type of waste. The treatment is conducted at ambient temperature, with minimum consumption of electric energy and zero discharge of industrial wastewater. The final products of the process are recovered metals with non-toxic characteristics which are reused in recycling industry for obtaining new materials.