Copper recycling

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The Jugo-Impex company, in addition to providing the service of industrial waste management, also specializes in copper recycling

The industrial waste which contains copper is sent to our recycling center after pickup in order to begin the recycling process. This way, this raw material will be returned into the production processes while protecting the environment.

Copper recycling is a service that includes the following:

  • Affordable prices of copper purchase.
  • Transporting the purchased copper.
  • UManaging the copper waste in full compliance with all legal regulations.
  • Disposing and managing the copper and waste which contains copper.

In other words, Jugo-Impex is there in order to solve all your problems related to this kind of waste.

Copper recycling: how is it done?

Copper recycling involves two basic steps: preparing the copper waste and its further processing.

Preparing the copper conductors involves different processes. Depending on the type and quality of the secondary raw material that the copper is extracted from, we may apply methods such as slicing, grinding, sifting, rolling, degreasing and others.

On the other hand, processing waste copper means that the raw material itself is sent to the foundry, melted and then shaped into products such as expanded copper granules, copper pellets or copper blocks which can all then be further used in various ways.

Recycling copper: frequently asked questions

Is copper recycling complicated?
It is a fairly demanding process because it involves a series of steps that need to be taken in order to extract the copper from the waste, and these steps may differ depending on the type of the waste itself.

Afterward, the copper is melted, then cooled which requires a lot of expertise and experience. 


How important is recycling for the ecology?

Copper recycling brings significant benefits to our environment, including energy saving (recycling copper consumes up to 85-90% less energy than mining it), preserving natural resources (copper is not a renewable resource) and reducing the amount of hazardous waste.

What happens after the copper is recycled?

The raw materials obtained through the recycling process is returned to further industrial processes and used in the production of various copper products.

Can copper be recycled multiple times?

Of course. In fact, it can be recycled indefinitely and each recycling cycle brings more saving and additionally protects our natural environment.

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